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knee replacement surgery, recovery, & exercises

Posted by @richardw in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Jul 18, 2012

Hello! I had this surgery about 3.5 months ago, and my biggest challenge is dealing with the constant pain in my thigh muscles. I don't have any pain around the new knee, nor in my calf muscle. I exercise at home usually once per day and attend physio at the local hospital clinic 2X/week. I use a muscle rub that contains witch hazel 2X/day, massage my leg for ~15-20 minutes/day, and use an ultrasound bone enhancer on my femur for 60 minutes/day. I use this because the surgeon cracked my femur while he was inserting the upper part of the artificial knee. Are my expectations that I should not have this type or intensity of pain wrong? Is this a normal post-op condition or should I be doing something else?

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