Poor range of motion from knee replacement and revision

Posted by ldmac1 @ldmac1, Jun 25, 2021

Had knee replacement in 2016, revision in 2019 still very tight and won't bend past 95. when forced even a little it hurts all the way up through the hip. doctor scribed anti inflammatory pills. any suggestions? would anyone see another doctor?

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Good afternoon @idmac1, welcome to Connect. As mentors, we are here to share our personal experiences and connect members with others having the same conditions. We are not medical practitioners and so cannot diagnose or prescribe treatment. I opened my daily notifications to find your post. It looks like you still are unhappy with your TKR even after a revision. Would you please tell me what the revision was meant to correct? Did that happen? The pain that extends into your hip must be very difficult to bear. Have you had images taken? If so, what did they reveal?

Just a little history. I had my first TKR 10 years ago. It was just like a textbook surgery. I walked within a day or so and had modest pain. The key for me was an excellent surgeon and a total commitment to PT and the recommended exercises.

And now…..in August I will have my second TKR on the other leg with a Mako robotic same-day surgery…meaning that I will be able to go home the same day. I am impressed with the technology that permits the surgeon to develop a procedural map from which he guides the surgical equipment. I trust this young surgeon for his skill and compassionate treatment of patients.

What happened when you took the anti-inflammatories? Has the same surgeon been with you through both surgeries?
Your main question about contacting another doctor leads me to believe you feel like that might be helpful. You always have the right to a second opinion. How would you select the new doctor? What are you most concerned about at this time? Let me post this now so that others like @bluebrasscan, @ayurman1, and @monroe1234 who faced the same issue, can respond to your concerns.

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.


I had TKR in2019. Never got full ROM. Have had pain every day and still not right Have seen 7 drs. Since surgery….last one sent me for allergy testing for metals, glue and antibiotics. I TESTED POSITIVE FIR GLUE AND ANTIBIOTIC, Called Neomycin
Other item I tested positive for was glue called METHYL METHACRYLATE. JUST
A SUGGESTION TO GET TESTED. For my situation the glue is the biggest problem and it’s the on,y glue out there that all doctors use!! So I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to do. Good luck I hope things will get better for you.

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