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Posted by .harp player @amberpep, Nov 2, 2019

Hi all ….. About 6 years ago I had a knee replacement. For some reason it didn't work out and even though the doctor tried everything from extracting fluid to injecting some other material … nothing helped. So about a year later I had a revision. That worked much better. I still have trouble with it though when I get out of a chair …. that's when I can feel the ache. Also, when it rains, my knee is a great barometer. Now the other knee is acting up and I'm dealing with it with Motrin when it's more sore …. and this is another barometer too. I've decided that if I ever have to have the other one done, which may be, I'm going back to the doctor who did the first one. He is in Frederick, MD, and I moved to Stanton, VA 4 years ago. The doctor that did the surgery is the best one in the whole area up there (Frederick is outside of D.C.), and I'm familiar with his methods. And, I loved the rehab. place where I went. So, we'll see what happens …… I know my kids won't be happy if I go up there (my 2 girls live down here and my son is in Alexandria, VA., but it's my body.
So we'll see what happens in the future.

@amberpep If you are happy with the results then you should return to the same doctor. Do you know what type of knee he does? It helps if we are confident of our doctors I believe.

There have been many advances these days with the MAKOplasty (robotic surgery) and the Conformis knee, maybe he is doing one of those now too, they both have excellent results. My knee is a Conformis and I do personally know a couple of people who have robotic – @debbraw has had it.
Hopefully, your knee will not progress to the point of needing another TKR.

Since around six weeks I have had virtually no pain or discomfort from my Conformis knee except very minor, more like fatigue, when I overdo it. I have walked for very long distances with no problems at all though.

You are in a neck of the woods that I am familiar with — I have stayed overnight in Frederick on our way to Fredericksburg when my daughter was in college so I am somewhat familiar with the general area there and also around DC because she worked and lived in DC/Arlington/Alexandria for a while after college.

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