Knee getting stuck after total knee replacement surgery

Posted by tweetybehe1 @tweetybehe1, May 7 3:19pm

Hello everyone.
I had a TKR on the right side in March 2022 and I have been experiencing my knee getting stuck and pain while walking I have seen my surgeon well his assistant several times. The first time they thought it was coming from my hip so I received a hip injection which did absolutely nothing. The next time I went back complaining of the same issues they thought it was the IT Band and started me back on physical therapy but that has not help either so I went back and this time they want me to get an MRI to see what going on around the replacement since all the x rays look good. Has anyone here experienced anything like this I feel like I need to get a second opinion.

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I have not had this happen to me. I'm almost 4 months out from my tkr. What was the result of your mri? I think that should tell the tale. I wish you the best of luck.

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