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Posted by pebblesann38 @pebblesann38, Nov 18, 2017

I am 47 yrs old and on ,March 4th I had Rou and Y surgery for weight loss, so far I have lost 108lbs. but my problem is my right knee I have burning on the left side and the top of my knee.I wou;d like to lnow what causes it and what I can do to relieve the burning.

Hi, @pebblesann38, and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Congratulations on the weight loss!

Here is some information from Mayo Clinic on knee pain that you may find helpful:

I’m tagging here a few members who have discussed gastric bypass surgery for their insights, like @jessiecms, @mamak, @scarlettjoe, @bettyann, @china, @sandytoes14, @gailb, @tessandra, @bergordon, @tlopez, @gracie927 and @rhepler74.

Others who’ve talked here on this site about burning sensation in their knees, like @samills and @lillyanne, may also be helpful. Hopefully you can all meet up here in this discussion. @jimhd and @johnbishop may also have some thoughts for you.

@pebblesann38, what has your doctor said about this knee issue?


Hi @pebblesann38, I would also like to welcome you to Connect along with Lisa (@lisalucier). Most of the pain I’ve had in my right knee is due to an old surgery where they removed some torn cartilage. This might be a dumb question but my knee sometimes acts up if I’ve over done it at times. Is the burning on the knee all the time or does it occur after some level of activity? I agree with Lisa that your doctor is a good starting place to figure out what is causing the burning.


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Welcome to Connect. I don’t have burning pain in my knees, but in my feet. A few topical things I’ve tried, and others have suggested – Lidocaine cream, a prescription helps a lot, I’ve used otc Capzasin, blue emu, and one other that’s for arthritis. My wife learned several stretching exercises from the pt that really have helped her.

Have you seen an orthopedist? Any radiology work?

I hope you find something that helps.


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