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Kit, I recently made this short "film" on my experience with depression

Posted by @edeleo, Feb 12, 2012

Kit, I recently made this short “film” on my experience with depression and ECT, if you or your son is interested in watching it: @kit

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Posted by @kit, Feb 27, 2012

edeleo – Thank you very much for sending me the link! You made this film, and it’s about you?? WOW, I’m impressed with the professional quality. I’ve seen many “shorts” that do not come close to the level of your work! Congrats, young lady. Are you a film maker by profession or a student?

I am speechless at what you have gone through with your depression. If I may ask, how old are you now and how long has it been since you had ECT? I believe you said in your film that you were 12 or 13 when your depression started, that would be about the same age as my son when his depression started. He’s now almost 24 (will be in March). He has tried nearly ALL antidepressants with only limited results. His doctors have diagnosed him as severe depression with severe social anxiety disorder, and he’s treatment resistant. But through all of the past 12 years he has been hospitalized only once, for a week. He is not suicidal but he does have feelings of worthlessness and often asks why he is here. He desperately wants “a life” without depression that he is wanting to have ECT performed even if it is effective for a few months. He says that even if is a short time he can gain valuable ground in treatment in other ways.

Can you tell me what your experience(s) were like with ECT? What the process was like, did you feel anything (pain or ??), what the effect was on your memory? Anything about the process would be helpful for my son to make a final decision to move forward or call it off.

Thank you again for your willingness to talk about this sensitive subject!


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