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Posted by wahab1989 @wahab1989, Dec 23, 2020

I want to get a diet plan for my baby of 8 months

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@wahab1989 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. A place to give and get support. You want a diet plan for your 8 month old baby. Below I have linked Mayo Clinic's ugidelines for child nutrition. Members like @astaingegerdm @fiesty76 @fourof5zs @tlovesherdad2020 are already discussing children's health.

– Nutrition for kids: Guidelines for a healthy diet

I assume your goal is to ensure your child is nourished correctly. Did I get that right?


@wahab1989 – Many parents get confused about what to feed your growing baby. By 8 months a baby has started to eat solid foods. At this age, breast milk or formula is still the most important part of the diet. As they are growing they will need more nutrients. Many start at 4-6 months adding a cereal- rice-also to get them used to handling food in the mouth. Gradually vegetables and meats are introduced in addition to some fruits. There is no rush in offering fruit juices- they are sweet and might interfere with appetite for regular meals.
I find it easier to think of feeding the baby/toddler as you feed yourself. Breakfast: milk, cereal, vegetable, fruit. Milk can be given a little before so there is room for food. Lunch: Milk, vegetable, meat for example. Dinner: Milk, cereal, meat, vegetable , fruit.
Babies are different- they may want a different combination. They can also try other cereals.
Another food that can be offered is the yoke of an egg. Lots of protein and iron.
Also- check with your doctor if the baby needs vitamins or iron.
Foods can be baby food in jars or homemade. No salt added. Or sugar!

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