Can you be a living donor for a kidney and liver in 1 operation?

Posted by drea1982 @drea1982, Sep 1, 2021

Can you be a living donor for a kidney and liver in 1 operation? I recently applied to be a living kidney donor for my twin sister and I am positive i will be the best match for her. My concern isnt about being a donor for her, i was wanting to know if it is even possible to donate a kidney and a portion of your liver at the same time? I recently found out a friend is in need of a liver donor and i am as healthy as can be and would love to help if possible. helping two beautiful people who I love at once would be a miracle in itself. thanks

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@drea1982 this is fantastic! I wish more people thought outside of the box like you do. I don’t know the answer to your question. It sounds like a dream come true for the potential recipients but a logistical nightmare for the transplant centers involved. I can give you my 2 cents worth. In 2003 my daughter was a living kidney donor for her grandpa (my father-in-law). Since 2016 I am in need of a kidney transplant. My daughter contacted Mayo in Rochester to inquire about donating a part of her liver to someone in need on behalf of me getting a kidney. She was thinking outside of the box and she thought this might be a possible twist on the paired donation process. She was shut down faster than you can say transplant!


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@rebekahinvt @lwilkey are double donors, but did not donate both organs in the same operation.

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