Kidney high BUN and creatinine

Posted by estebana @estebana, Aug 7, 2016

My name is Estebana. I am 83 years old.
Just found out my creatinine is 5.5. My BUN is 124.
I prefer not to have dyalisis. Are there any other alternatives or conservative treatments?

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assuming this is not acute kidney failure caused by a reversible condition,
I would suggest obtaining expert nephrology evaluation and advice.

My mother-in-law, who suffered from multiple conditions including end-stage
renal disease, lived for 6 years on 3/week hemodialysis and died at 89 of
unrelated causes (sepsis, GI bleeding, etc). She enjoyed her years on
dialysis and was able to carry on normal activities between treatments.
More modern treatments, such as daily home hemodialysis, make it even more
likely that patients will live good-qulaity lives while on this treatment.
I have heard that US medicare does not cover daily home hemodialysis,
however. Good luck!


My name is genie P…soon to be 81, and you are the closest to my situation of any of the posts that I have seen. I would also like to know if there are any
conservative treatments.


Hello Genie, @shelllady,

Welcome to to Connect; we’re so glad that you’ve joined us. I see that @rosemarya also welcomed you in the Transplant group.

Since you ask about conservative treatment, I wanted to mention Regenerative Medicine (stem cell therapy), which is still under study as having future potential to provide innovative new therapies for people who have conditions beyond repair or to slow the progression of the disease.
You can read more about Mayo Clinic’s Center for Regenerative Medicine, here:
Mayo Clinic’s cancer researchers have a blog series on cures for kidney cancer; you can read their posts here:
I would also sincerely encourage you to view this discussion on Connect:
Decisions about dialysis:

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@shelllady, what does your doctor say about your dialysis decision? How did you manage the kidney stones?

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