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Denis Michelson

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kidney conditions

Posted by @denismichelson, Sep 30, 2011

i was diagnosis with iga nephropathy when i was 24 years old .I am now 59.My kidney function i find.I am in so much pain in my lower back .My doctor said i should think about having a vegotomy .I am wondering has anyone done this,and does this work.Could anyone tell me what they have done about handle the pain .thank you Denis Michelson



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Posted by @mathewphilips, Sep 3, 2012

Hello, Sorry to hear about the pain. But as far as I know IgA nephropathy will not cause any pain . Did your Doctor tell what is causing the pain ?


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Posted by @heidianne, Sep 13, 2013

Hello, Im so sorry about what you are going through and im sorry but i dont know anything regarding a vegotomy but i was wondering if i could speak to you about something regarding my own health? I am 21 years old and found out yesterday that i might have iga nephropathy, but my doctor isnt sure yet, i have severe high blood pressure and protein in my urine, low vitamin d and last year i had low potassium. My doctors are stumped as to why i am getting so sick so fast for no apparent reason so i was wondering if when you had iga nephropathy if you had any of these symptoms?

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