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Kidney Cancer Surgery

Posted by @talaward, Oct 6, 2011

Four months ago I had a 6 hour operation to remove an aggressive Fuhrman grade 4 malignancy on my right kidney that had spread to six of twelve lymph nodes removed at the same time. Recovery for me has been slow and somewhat frustrating as originally my surgeon had told me it would take 6 to 8 weeks. He lied. After four months I can actually wear loose clothing and venture outdoors for several hours and can now do light housework.

My family and survived the two major earthquakes that shattered our homes, roads and city this past year. Now this battle with cancer has become even more important to me and my family than wondering what to do with my wrecked home. I would love to chat with anyone also trying to recover from similiar surgery with RCC and who like me is wondering just when or where it might come back.



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Posted by @renee59, Oct 6, 2011

I had my left kidney removed march 2010 it had a bloodclot on it along with a tumor on the outside so they cut me open almost in my belly button about 4inches. Clothes still bother me alot. so i make sure i wear elastic waist pants and shorts. Some people have the surgery and goes as planned, and some like us don,t and have problems but the main thing is the flippen cancer is out of your body and mine the rest we can deal with. I also had another tumor show up in March of this year 2011 so had another surgery to remove it and it was cancer to. Make sure you go to all your follow-ups with your Dr. I hope i helped you in some kind of way at least i know i am not alone on how i feel. Thanks.

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