Kidney cancer

Posted by dorothy helen @dorothyhelen, Jan 19, 2012

I was diagnosed with kidney cancer stage 1 2 1/2 years ago. The tumour was 1.9 cm. Because of its location and perhaps my age I was told ” watchful waiting” was the choice of the urologist. Since then I have had ultrasound every 6 months. Size of the tumour gradually increased -the last one in October was 2.9 cm. I am concerned that further waiting is like “closing the barn door after the horses left” My family doctor feels I have the best specialist I believe their thought is to wait until there is a substantial change in size of tumour between two successive months. Is there a maximum tumour size Mayo clinic recommends for watchful waiting? Dorothy

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I had the same situation 20 years ago and waited until the tumor began to grow. The decision to have surgery is yours, not your doctors. Mayo did a great job for me and I guarantee they will take the situation seriously. Best of luck!


s huge and my entire kidney had to be removed.The doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago told me if they had found the tumor earlier,they could remove only a portion of the kidney.The tumor will continue to get larger.My right kidney was 4 times the size of my left kidney because of the size of the tumor inside…which was bigger than a softball


It is nice to hear of your success..Im hoping that is all in the past for me too


i wouldnt wait how were they able to say stage 1.was dx with stage 2 last march and they thought my tumor was growing for 5yrs iam 57.

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