Keeping the bowels regular on a LCHF diet

I’d like to talk about plumbing, a-hem. I’m prone to constipation and have heard that this is common with a low-carb healthy fat diet. I used to eat prunes to keep regular, but they are pretty high in carbs and sugar, especially at 4-6 per day. Magnesium citrate (CALM) works as a laxative and supplements magnesium intake.

@suewright @neilgrossbard @johnbishop @lisaaase @rjwilliams @elizabethbartholomew @tconama got any other tips to stay regular?

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I am following a ketogenic diet– <20g of carbs per day. I was constipated when I first started. One trick that helped me was adding a tablespoon of Mile of Magnesia to my water bottle and sipping on it throughout the day. Additionally, and this one is really tough (wink, wink)…soaking in a bath with 5lbs (yes, 5 pounds) of epsom salt for 40 minutes three times per week. Once I became completely fat-adapted, everything is moving along just fine–even with very little fiber. I am following Dr. Annette Bosworth's program, and here is a link to her video that discusses this. Hope it's okay to share this here:


Argh! @colleenyoung, I am consuming 4 to 5 prunes a day so that's some extra 24 to 30 carbs I need to count 🙁 What is currently helping me is Costco's Optifiber (Benefiber wannabe). I have 2 to 3 extra glasses of water each with 2 tsps of the fiber and drink it with my morning, noon and evening meds/supplements. It has helped me get back to being a regular guy…most of the time. We'll see how it goes when I stop eating prunes when the last bag I just bought is finished. I also try to drink a total of at least 64 oz of water a day which I think helps things keep moving.


Thanks for the tips. @rjwilliams, I recently learned about the uptake of magnesium topically by using epsom salts. Who knew. That's for the video!

@johnbishop, you're so right. Getting enough water is essential to keep the plumbing clear and just plain good for you.


Metamucil or similar psyllium husk powder addresses this and other related issues. I started with 1/4 dose to prevent gas issues.

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