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K2 supplements for high calcium score but stress test was negative

Posted by @bryang, Mar 2, 2018

Aged 69, I undertook a calcium score as a preventative test, even though I am fit and all my annual blood tests and vitamin levels were positive.
My score was 1500
I took a stress test, result negative.
I do 6 daily HIIT classes per week and every second day do weights including 4 sets of 10 chin-ups and 20 bench presses of 30kg.
Diet good – eat only one meal per day and I am daily in ketosis – take no medication, never experienced any form of heart or chest pain.
Started taking 2 180 mcg tablets of K2 Menaquinone 7 every 12 hours.
Has anyone had experience of reducing their calcium score by taking K2, as literature search is very encouraging.
Intend to do another calcium score in 6 months time to see if there is a reduction.
Does any one know when the results of the Dutch trial on K2 supplementation will be released in 2018.
Australian cardiologist I spoke with was not aware of any K2 influence on calcium score and was skeptical, even though I should him the discussion paper.
Would appreciate any comments or feedback.


Welcome to Connect, @bryang,

I'd like to introduce you to @elizabethbryant @hazelnut @eileena, who've written about K2 supplements, and I'm certain they will be able to offer more information.

I’m tagging a few members who may be able to share some of their experiences with high calcium levels and the stress this causes. Please meet @mcphee @gailfaith @jrismyname @hopeful33250 @predictable @dennisl27 @michellr. You can view some of the conversations taking place in these discussions on Connect:
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– High Calcium CT Scan Score of 1925 – Anyone Else Experience This?

@bryang, what has your doctor suggested to help lower the calcium score?

Would like to hear results on your next calcium score. A lot like you,high calcium score,but on nuclear stress test,scored a METS score of 13,equivalent to a 26 year old and I am 75. I will look into K2 also and ask my Doc. I exercise every day for 75 minutes of aerobics and weights. Do not stop for entire time.

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