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juvenile arthritis

Posted by @lola31 in About Kids & Teens, Jun 24, 2012

is arm and leg weakness a symptom of JA. my daughter has been diagnosed and this is her main symptom and i wonder does any1 have any experience of this. all help greatlly appreciate


Posted by @bettyann, Jun 24, 2012

I sincerely hope you see another doctor...if the ONLY SYMPTOMS your daughter has is arm and leg weakness...I sincerely DOUBT if that is juvenile arthritis.
Please check this site out:

Given those symptoms you described, I cannot even begin to see how this dr came up with this diagnosis.
Good luck to you.


Posted by @lola31, Jun 24, 2012

thank you bettyann for your reply. my daughter has many other symptoms like joint and spine pain and a raised blood ana. i do not have a confirmed diagnosis as waiting to see a rheumatologist. i am just particularly concerned about her level of physical fatigue and general weakness in limbs. i am really hoping somebody else with experience of JA can share any experience of this. thank you again for your reply desperately looking for any information.

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