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Just wanted to share a past experience of mine. When I was

Posted by @piglit, Mar 22, 2012

Just wanted to share a past experience of mine. When I was teaching I had a wonderful opportunity of teaching a beautiful little boy. His name was Gosha. Gosha was Russian, and highly intelligent. His parents were both Russian and lecturers. Gosha and I worked together on advanced projects. In grade two he was finding the work so easy that the school lifted him up to grade four. His intelligence could cope but emotionally he couln’t interact with other children. I eventually in time had him joining in with groups and he started to fit in. The other children were starting to treat him as if he was just another friend. He always felt diffferent and was always made to feel like this. Also at home he was expected to be so grown up in a little boy’s body and mind. He had trouble emotionally, with showing feelings. I worked on this telling him and explaining all the different emotions that we all have and ways that it can be shown. We walked up and down the path everyday for nearly three years together. Then one day as we were walking down our path together, I felt a little hand hold mine. Tears came to my eyes. A difference had been made. We know walked the path everyday hand in hand, and he knew that this was okay. I still to this day think of my little rocket scientist. A difference can be made by us all just by listening, holding a hand,just by being there. Anyway just wanted to share this today with everyone. God Bless take care Just felt that we needed a feel good story. Piglit



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Posted by @roxie43, Mar 23, 2012

That was beautiful and powerful. Thank you.

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