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just returned from 2 surgeries this AM at U of MI Hospital.

Posted by @mllybee, Nov 13, 2012

just returned from 2 surgeries this AM at U of MI Hospital. For AIN3 on anal verge & AIN 2 on left perianal region. This began with a Hemmroidetomy in ’98’; Photo Dynamic Therapy in ’99; emerg. Bowel resection & chroh’s diagnosis in 2000; surgery on lesion in left perianal region in 2010; 13 biopsies of outer anal area & anal canal in 2012; removal of small invasive cancer lesion ( in same area) in 2012. I was diagnosed with Bowen’s Disease in 1985 – 5 surgeries in vulvar region. I’ve been on Humira since 2/2008. Was on Remicade from 2004-2007 ( nasty). Some of my drs. Want me to off Humira ASAP…some want me to continue. I cut back to 40mgs./mo. In Dec.2010. Have had 76 skin cancer surgeries since 2004 (all squamous cell) but 1 Basel cell (&skin graft)on temple. I’ve had improvement in overall digestive inflammation, and 1 of 2 areas of ulcers has gone away. How many skin cancer surgeries can 1 person endure, in addition to my list. I have no BP issues, no heart issues, all blood work is wonderful, and heal well. Want to quit Humira. Moderate depression and anxiety, taking meds for that. More surgeries ahead…no radiation or chemo ( not recommended by several panel of rad. Oncologists at 2 leading hosp.(phew!) Anyone out there with similar. Problems? Share, if possible.


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