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Just read your post from December, I was diagnosed with DID in

Posted by @marylynette, May 23, 2012

Just read your post from December, I was diagnosed with DID in 1988, and was fortunate enough to integrate in 1992. However, life is still affected by the disorder and I was wondering how you are doing. When the illness was active I had some personalities who needed glasses and others that did not, I was also told that it was possible for one part to have an illness and not the others. One part can be suicidal and the others may not be. It is a complicated life when you must exist with DID, things happen that you and others don’t quite understand. Please know that my prayers are with you, for mental illness is not easy to live with, it is an invisible disablility which can be very difficult for others to understand. My prayers are with you. I know that when under stress my other personalities still try to take over, but I have so far been able to keep all in the community house which I have given to them when I told them goodbye and that I, Mary, would now be living my life as one. I have thanked them for they kept me alive through a childhood which should have killed me, the illness was a gift from God to keep me alive. Please take care…..marylynette @nancyd


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