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Just diagnosed after a year of shortness of breath

Posted by @randyste, Thu, Feb 7 2:39pm

Well here goes, in December of 2017 I got bad bronchitis and suddenly felt like I was gasping for air. For months prior I had been getting multiple upper respiratory and sinus infections and feeling fatigued. But everything changed on 12/17. I could not breathe and the fatigue went through the roof. There began my journey throughout the last year + to more specialists that I can count, being put on multiple asthma meds(I do not have asthma) etc, you get the picture. I am overweight and have lost almost 40 pounds since this started with no improvement. Not one doctor back in Philadelphia mentioned anything to me about Laryngopharyngeal Reflux. Fast forward to the past 2 weeks and my visit to the Mayo Clinic. Diagnosed with both Laryngopharyngeal Reflux abd Gerds and frankly I am scared. I have an endoscopy tomorrow and have been told from testing already done that I have a small hiatal hernia and something wrong with swallowing. Has anyone had symptoms that initially manifested in shortness of breath and hoarseness first? Anyone have every Dr miss it?


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