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Joint inflammation

Posted by @aljones, Mar 27, 2012

My first day on the site, I’m a 57 yr. old male who has experienced very good health until about 6 months ago when my hands/fingers/wrist became noticeably stiff. My first thought was I had injured myself doing something but after several days of pain decided to visit my doctor, was referred to a rheumatologist however after several in-depth blood test found nothing that showed RA. Said my blood results did show me having parvo at a early age. Now 6 months later and with a series of drugs from the rheumatologist the pain/stiffness continues to increase. My newest journey has been with a Holistic Nutrition for the last couple of weeks, tons of supplements, probably not long enough to be in my system but the stiffness/pain feels like it now settled in on my hands/finger/wrists and the balls of my feet. All advise/comments welcome.


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