Joint inflammation and adults, possibly from Covid?

Posted by chrism @chrism, May 20, 2020

Good morning, my name is Chris. Over the past two months I have experienced moderate joint pain to no excessive pain in my large joints. My primary care physician had ordered a rheumatology panel. I had two areas were inflammation is really over the top high. Why at this time, is unexplained. I have never in my life experienced any joint problems at all! I am 57 years old. I live in central Washington and at this time I am trying to get into Seattle, To see a rheumatologist, which is what my doctor is attempting to do at this time. Mid January my family and I traveled from SeaTac in Seattle Washington to Dallas Fort Worth and back again two weeks later. My son while we were gone, in his 30s, Got very sick with a chest cold and continued to have it when we got home. When I got home I got sick with what I would call A cold. But my cough held on for at least four maybe five weeks. Both of us seem to have no symptoms at all now. Nor do we know whether or not we may have had it? I’m not trying to connect any dots. I’m grasping at straws‘s! I’m on my second round of steroids to calm my joints, and I am scared to death when I am finished with the prescription. Two days after my first round of steroids I could hardly lift One arm and both legs. I’ve got two days left of the second prescription and I have to admit major fear is starting to set in! Has anyone heard of anything scientific, scientific that may link joint inflammation with adults because of Covid?

Hello @chrism, Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. I have polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) but it is currently in remission. I can related to the joint pain and inflammation and I think you are asking a good question. I haven't seen any scientific or research type papers but I've seen a few joint inflammation and COVID-19 related articles.

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