Many members of my family are mentally ill

Posted by Ramey Chisum @rameychisum, Feb 4, 2015

Ive noticed for a long time that many members of my family are mentally ill. I have seen through many instances that abusive people dont allow you to leave for fear you will discuss their issues with other people and they will have to change their behavior’s. I am at the edge of freedom but my mom in particular just wont let go because she says she will never see me again which is completely irrational. Is there anyone else who has experiences with disconnecting from toxic relationships with family that can share? Please no negative comments about my age or maturity level, thank you…

Boundaries are hard to set and enforce with those who are used to being able to find ways around them but for your safety and saintly it is import that you continue on this path of freedom. I am very glad you can see that and are taking the steps you need to in order to insure your safety.

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