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I've lost everything

Posted by @rgreer in Mental Health, Sep 8, 2012

Ineed help so much,I lost everything that has ment anything to me.Iam 63 years I was married for 35 years I acidently got into the painkiller thing and got addicted.I took care of my mother till she died,and by my own fault ,and one day took a pill of hers,well the rest is history.cause of the drugs I lost it all my job my wife my friends.Ilove my wife more than life it self,but she will have nothing to do with me.We have 3 girls together.we had it all I just can't go on I can not stand to see her with someone else,Please some one help me,or talk to me,before I do some thing. Rick

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Posted by @bett12, Sep 8, 2012

!st see a Dr to help you with addiction problem- then you will be better able to take care of yourself & others-your wifw- daughters will be much more willing to speak to you about all this if shown you took the necessary steps to get yourself together- not all islost- really- but 1st take teps to help yourself.

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Posted by @piglit, Sep 8, 2012

Hi Rick sorry that your'e feeling so down at the moment. If you feel that you need to talk to someone maybe call 911 if not maybe contact your dr or councellor and they may be apply to help you. You can also take yourself to your nearest ED department who would help as well. Take care always here Piglit

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Posted by @bettyann, Sep 8, 2012

Bett and Piglit have given you excellent advice, Rick. You have to talk with a counselor. Please look names up in the phone book or online and either give them a call or go to the office and see them in person to make sure you DO make an appt with them! 🙂
As horrible as things seem right now, there IS a light at the end of this dark tunnel and you will find it! What you did is not all that bad...and you need to keep faith in yourself. In order to keep a relationship with your daugters especially, you NEED proof that you are in counselling. Hopefully you will be able to reunite with your wife, too. But what you DO--RICK--you MUST DO IT FOR YOURSELF!! That is extremely important... otherwise it won't work if you say "Im doing it for somebody else." That will all come later. Now you take care of YOU! We will all be pulling for you!!
Best wishes!

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Posted by @MakalaJohnson, Sep 9, 2012

In an emergency, dial 911 or the emergency response number in your community.
If you are in the Rochester, MN area, you can call Mayo Clinic's emergency department at: 507-255-5591.

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Posted by @MakalaJohnson, Sep 9, 2012

There is also a national suicide prevention lifeline. From within the U.S., you could call: 1-800-273-8255. Best wishes to you.

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Posted by @chey1enne, Sep 9, 2012

Dear rick please see your family doctor.they can advise you where to get the help u need there. R also clinics if money is an issue. Please see someone as soon as possible. Don't do anything stupid to yourself as that would not help and it would only hurt your family. Your friend chey

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Posted by @lovesjesus, Sep 11, 2012

rick i know how you feel.i have the same story..i am a woman 64 years old ans divorced the only person i ever love..I just found out that i have borderline personality didorder...I am devestated,pray for me please and all of us that have this dibalting disorder.may god touch you.amen

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Posted by @athome, Sep 13, 2012

Dear Rick, I see there are many people who responded to your post. So look at this as new friends, new family. Are you in a twelve step program, have you formally, in person, or by letters apologized to your wife and family for any harm that you may have done; I'm working on this myself, because I have panic disorder and to many it seems as if one doesn't care. You had a big responsibility that became too much; you are human; we are all vulnerable to addiction, bad behavior, etc. As we are gifted with reason, therefore we are cursed with unreason and behaviors that we never thought possible. You are a human being with worth. You can rebuild. Especially with children who have or may face trouble in their lives someday. Know the difference between being bad and bad behavior. With all you've done, you are not a bad person, you just succumbed to bad behavior, and addiction to pain killers is not a sin, or a crime, just destructive. And now you are not doing that anymore. When you feel at your worst, call the hotlines, the crisis lines; the people on them have been where you are or know someone who has been. Go to a group, you are not alone. The posts show you that.

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Posted by @roxie43, Sep 13, 2012

Dear Rick,
Thank you for sharing. Rick, no one is perfect and you are not the first nor the last person to be consumed by addiction. It is a disease that you can get help for if you are ready. A lot of people here on this site have lost a lot. I have not worked in a year due to an abusive employer and when I was ready to return they decided they would make it impossible. To date, my job is my job but I am still fighting to go back to a safe environment.
Do not give up on yourself! And, if you feel like you are going to do something call 911 or go to your local emergency room.....
We care about you and we hope you also care about yourself and get the help that you need to get back on track.... We can get back some of our losses and some things may be lost forever but my grammie who just passed away was 96 so in my eyes you still have a lot of living to do...
Be strong, have faith in yourself and become determined!
Big Hug

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Posted by @vnicholas, Sep 14, 2012

Hey Rick ! Listen the wonderful thing I know is that God still loves you and wants you to have your family and all the assets you possessed before but he wants you to give him your life and to trust him with it so that He can help you ! Deliverance is what you need he will do it for you if u let him in , he'll love on you I know your hurting but God can heal all pain ! Breathe ! Get on your knees and talk to him tell him everything let all of it out and then tell him "I surrender" I accept your will and I'm ready for change come into my heart and abide in me ! Remove this desire so that I can love again and be loved ! Work on me father I give my life to you inJesus name amen !(stop worrying and trust him , find a church home )

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Posted by @headstonejack13, Sep 16, 2012

Your post sounds all too familiar. I suffer from bipolar,anxiety, just to name a couple. I also took care of a parent, my father, who passed from lung cancer just a year ago. Because of the mental, physical, and med overload, I too, lost everything. I've realized though, there still are many new things to experiance, good & not so good. Don't give up, there is always a friend to lean on, even if it is on a website, & someone u have never met. I know it even feels worse when u think about being too olkd to start over, but now I am realizing that my age has only made me wiser, and I'm sure it is the same for u, even if u don't feel that way yet. Always go forward, find a group to participate in (I envolved myself in Depressive~Manic Depressive Assoiation) I would talk with u again, if ud like. Prayers r with u, Jackie

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Posted by @bettyann, Sep 19, 2012

Hi Rick,
Just dropping in to say HELLO!...and asking how you are doing? I so hope things are feeling better for you and that you are exploring some options.
Let us know. I do honestly believe that people DO care, Rick. One of these days you will be able to look back and know "I MADE IT" will be saying to yourself.
Drop us a line!

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Posted by @stevejohnes, Sep 20, 2012

Hello, Rgreer, Sorry to hear your problem. But stay positive. It will be all good ...soon. Well what to say..things like this happen. But please don't loose hope. Why don't you give it a fresh start. may be you have made many mistakes..may be you have not done some things right, but you know what ? Forget it! Start new. You may also want to talk to a counselor or some one ? If you don't have acess talk to a doctor at or something similar where you can get help online. Or just talk to some friends ? Anyway stay positive. Cheer up buddy !

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Posted by @lisacarol, Sep 24, 2012

I noticed you have not updated.....hoping you found some help. My help? Three words for you: twelve step group! God bless.......

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Posted by @anon56837187, Sep 29, 2012

Hi Rgreer, I empathize what everything has happened to you. See if you can find a hobby you can concentrate to do at least some minutes a day. Focus on how you can improve your hobby. Participate in group activity. Reward yourself when job well done. Tell yourself that you are good everyday. Set a goal to achieve and thrive. Make plan every week. Get help to build positive energy. Make friends who are positive. See if this will work.

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