I’ve had a papular rash for months with no answers

Posted by nscroger @nscroger, May 19 7:03am

Just wondering if anyone has ever had an issue with prolonged papular rash all over. I’ve recently also been diagnosed with keratitis which makes me wonder about staph infection. It has gotten worse with bactrim. Any input would be appreciated! I have no answers yet!

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By any chance, do they appear intermittently and then fade away? I had some kind of a rash that did that many years ago. I saw several doctors even an allergist, who never figured it out. It occurred immediately after I did some outdoor gardening and was handling soil, plants, bricks, etc. It resolved in a couple of weeks. They appeared on my arms and legs.

Have you seen a dermatologist? Do you have allergies? Depending on your insurance, I’d get it looked at. They can take a sample to see what shows up.

I hope they can solve the mystery. Are they painful?


If you don’t respond to therapy a very simple shave biopsy of typical lesions done by a dermatologist
is likely to provide a diagnosis and suggest treatment.

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