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Posted by karina77 @karina77, Mar 18, 2019

I have Orthostatic Intolerance and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I been researching and looking into IV Therapy. I am interested in giving it a try, how would I go about talking to my doctor about this option? Would this be beneficial? I would appreciate thoughts? What are some of the pros and cons to this? Thoughts from those who have had IV Therapy and those considering it would be appreciated!

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@karina77 , Hi Karina, I'm afraid I can't answer your questions about IV therapy having never tried it. But, regarding your question about talking to your doctor I asked a very similar question on this forum about two weeks ago. After reading the responses, I've decided to handle it by emailing my doctor and giving her a heads up that I've read new information on ME/CFS that I would like to discuss at my next visit. I will tell her where to find the information so she can review it herself before the appointment.

I've learned that just showing up at a doctor's office with a handful of articles from the internet often puts the doctor immediately on the defensive. If you don't have email access to your doctor, you might try calling the office and leaving a message explaining your desire to talk about the subject when you next see her.

I don't know if this approach will work, but I've decided it's worth a try.

I hope you find something that works.

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