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It's so hard when you've been a social person now to be

Posted by @franamaria, Nov 2, 2011

It’s so hard when you’ve been a social person now to be isolated. I’m also going deaf, so with the hearing loss Menier’s Disease), MS and fibromiagia, life has changed and my heart goes out to you. I don’t know how to add you as a friend as I am new to this site, but would love to continue conversations. I feel like red ant are attacking my legs and arms all the time. Nothing seems to work. When I had a bathtub, taking baths, sometimes worked with pepermint oil in the bath. You many want to try it. Love you kitty. I miss mine so much. Had to relinquish her when I moved into this assisted living place. It is hard to live without pets you’ve had for most of your life. People think it’s like giving away a book or something like that…they have no heart. Thank you for responding. My best to you! Frana @suhcuddo


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