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It's a beautiful day and I am downtown taking it all in.

Posted by @roxie43, May 18, 2012

It’s a beautiful day and I am downtown taking it all in. A little disappointed with games but have to realize that on the internet one can never really know who is who. I thought of leaving along with Momentum but then I realized that I have been on this site for months sharing my stories of injustices. Many of you, have been so good to me and have really allowed me to slowly progress and heal from the things I have been exposed to. Therefore, I am not leaving the site, but I ask with all due respect and sincerity, that we be respectful of one another being for most of us being on this site is a postive outlet where we can share but also get the support we need. I use this site as a healing tool but also as a method to educate other’s about human rights. I wish all my genuine friends a happy and healthy Friday and a beautiful weekend!
Hugs Roxie43



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Posted by @piglit, May 18, 2012

We do all have to be so aware of peoples feelings and respect them. Friends so need tobe cared for, listened to This site has made such a difference to my world. I felt so alone for many years and know I have found comfort surrounded by dear friends, who accept me for just being me. I am so thankful that our dear Roxie is staying with us she is such a dear friend to me and many others, Yesterday she was so badly hurt, I supported her as much as I could but at the end of the day the damage had been done. Our dear Momentum is back with us too. Treasure these kinds of wonderful people. Learn by there wise words and most of all love them as I do for being so true to their word everyday and being there for me and others in our community. Friends like these don’t come along too often Hugs Piglit

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