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Itchy Scalp

Posted by @janice7, Feb 1, 2012

I have an extremely itchy scalp. My dermatologist cannot cure it. I have taken prescribed steroids and cortisone meds to no avail. The medication has resulted in side effects and the itching is worse. My doctor sees nothing on my scalp. Can anyone recommend home remedies that could work, or something that I can discuss with my doctor other than more medication? I am scratching and losing my hair.



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Posted by @oston, Dec 6, 2012

You and I both… Ferocious scalp and back of neck itch. Tried evrything from cold shower to hot shower to no shower, stopped all medicine, stopped eating for one week, etc, etc… Had this increasing itchiness for 8 years now. All Dermo’s, Allergist’s doctors in gen don’t know. Any suggestion would be greatly appreaciated. Scratching head right now….

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