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It is amazing and frightening to me ... how many people worship

Posted by @bettyann, Oct 18, 2012

It is amazing and frightening to me … how many people worship every word and action that comes from a ‘doctor’ and how many bow down to the use of psychotropic drugs. They evidently have NO real knowledge as to their far reaching effects. No wonder we rank #38 in medical care in the world. Doctors and drugs ‘have their place’ so true… but so many people rank both far above anything they call ‘god’ or even common sense.



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Posted by @piglit, Oct 18, 2012

Ican so relate to where your coming from Betty. Yes certain medications are required.But my life spiralled when I was put on drugs that I didn’t require from my own pyschistrist. My problem at the time was immense grief not bipolar which he later stated was a very wrong diagnosis. Too late for me I was put onto so many different medications and the one that triggered my clotting problems was Luvox. Off everything know but the withdrawal was immense. The funny thing if you can find humour with situations which I can is that he left his so called profession and stated that he had found God through me. Sad that there are professional people out there like this.Anyway I’ve stated enough Take care Annie I think the message here is too be careful and try certain avenues there are so many out there and it’s always worth a try

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