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Is Your Doctor Asking the Right Questions About Healthy Eating?

Posted by @drmichaelrothman, Dec 18, 2012

So, you’ve decided it’s time to take control of your health. You know why healthy eating is important. You already started exercising and getting outside more. You’re ready to start on a path to wellness and you think it’s best to find a doctor in NJ to help you learn more about healthy eating. Good news. You’re already making good choices.

But do you know the right questions to ask your doctor when it comes to why healthy eating is important? What do doctors ask you? Once you’ve made the decision to choose food more wisely, you should have appropriate expectations for your appointment once you find a doctor in NJ.

What Do Doctors Ask?
Working with a specialist to learn the ins and outs of healthy eating is a great idea. But it’s important to recognize whether or not that doctor is the right fit for you. One of the best indications that you’re working with the right doctor is that he or she is asking the right questions.

So, what do doctors ask? Do they all ask the same things? Should you do all the talking? Your doctor may give you every indication that they truly care about your health and wellness. They may share their reasons why healthy eating is important. They may even have the “best” diet plans and lists of healthy food choices for you. But if they haven’t asked you questions about your health, your food choices, your life, you have very little chance of succeeding. They should ask you questions well before you start with your questions to ask your doctor so they get a clear picture of what may or may not work for your own body. Every body is different – So every approach to healthy eating must be different as well.

Why Healthy Eating is Important
When you want to find a doctor in NJ to learn why healthy eating is important and how to keep your body in peak performance, seek out a holistic medical doctor. Holistic health nutrition takes a whole-body approach to functional disorders, nutritional weight loss and healthy eating in order for real, permanent healing and transformation to take place. With simple changes and a new relationship with food, you can improve:
Energy level
Hormone balance
Thyroid health
Adrenal health
Cardiovascular health
Digestive Health
Blood sugar balance
Immune System balance
Gluten and other environmental sensitivities

Most specialists are focused on diagnosing your and treating your disease and your symptoms, instead of trying to figure out what caused your disease in the first place. Even many nutritional specialists simply dwell on calories, carbohydrates, fats and other food restrictions.

Conversely, experienced and knowledgeable holistic doctors will strive to uncover what specific foods and micronutrients you need in order for your body’s nervous system, immune system and hormonal system to function properly. As you start to see positive changes, these new habits will become a lifestyle, enabling you to reach your current and future health goals.

So, when you want to find in a doctor in NJ, be sure to find one that takes a whole body approach. And if you’re wondering what doctors ask, just remember that they should, at the very least, ask what type of foods and supplements you’ve been putting in your body. This important first step will make for a happy doctor-patient relationship and a successful experience with healthy eating.


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