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Is this leukemia or growing pains?

Posted by @qwertylalala, Aug 22, 2012

I know a close friend who, though younger than me( she’s twelve) has had a great impact on me. Anyway, lately she’s been complaining about moderate bone and joint pain. It happens all over but when it does, it’s just on one certain place. She feels like her chest is constricted or feels pressure, easily bruises ( couple of days ago she pressed the fleshy part of her palm to open the sink faucet then it got bruised) has headaches every where on her head, feels fatigue, but she has not lost weight.
Could this be leukemia? I need to know so I can help her through her pain.
Thank you for your answers and god bless you all.


Alex Simon

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Posted by @alexsimon, Oct 3, 2012

Dear Anonymous –

I have included a link to Mayo Clinic about leukemia:

If you feel this is something that your friend should have checked out and are interested in requesting an appointment with a Mayo Clinic physician in MN, FL or AZ, please click on the “Request an Appointment” button on the upper right hand corner of your screen.

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