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Is there a way to get online when we're in a Mayo hospital bed?

Posted by @usernameca, Thu, Oct 25 7:37pm

I spent 15 days in Methodist Hospital, and I don't recall ever being able to get my cell phone online. In the meantime, there was an entire computer system for the nurses and doctors, right beside my bed that I assume I was not allowed to use, so I never even tried. Does Mayo block internet access in Methodist Hospital for security reasons? That was my only complaint about my hospital stay. Everything else was great. Including the food!! The food did not seem to be the same as what is served in the regular cafeteria. Although that food is good, the food I got in my room at Mayo was even better.


@usernameca not sure why you couldn't connect your phone to the wifi. Mayo Clinic offers free high-speed wireless internet access to Mayo Clinic patients and their guests. This service is available on the Mayo Clinic Hospital, Saint Mary's Campus and the downtown campus (Mayo, Gonda and Charlton buildings and Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus).

While on campus, you can connect to the network titled “mayoguest”. We even offer computer access at specified locations for people who don't have a device with them. See detailed information here

During your stay at Methodist, did you see “mayoguest” in your WiFi network options on your phone? Or did you try to connect to “mayoguest” and it wasn’t letting you?

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