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Is there anyone with Herpes?

Posted by @stdsgirl, May 19, 2012

How to deal with it?



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Posted by @china, May 19, 2012

No but your doctor can help u. I read that stress = outbreaks.


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Posted by @ronni, Jun 30, 2012

Yes, my husband transferred it to me about 25 yrs. ago. You must have a doctor for a Rx written to keep on hand at all times, when you feel a pressure to your body start on your Rx immediately so you will not get an outbreak. Will help immediately. I will never marry again without telling my potential partner. I think that is very cruel to do to someone else, is to pass it on. I was horrified that someone did that to me. Do not be ashamed of it. I know it can be embarrassing but when someone passes it on to you, what can you do? Stress will bring it on immediately for me. I had many outbreaks at first when I did not realize what I had, that I could not even walk. Very sick with it and now I would rather have an outbreak with it versus dealing with a cold. Mine has gotten better over the years. Just be aware when the pressure warns you, get on your Rx without hesitation.

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