Is there a generic version of Cymbalta 60mg yet?

Posted by apportee @apportee, Jun 19, 2016

I have been taking Cymbalta 60 my for 3 years. It has worked for me. I picked up my medicine last week, the color of my Cymbalta has changed. I am taking it now and it feel like it is not working. I feel like I am nothing. What could be the problem. There is not a generic for Cymbalta yet, is there?

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On Duloxetine my depression improved and hip pain vanished (arthritis), but I became very quickly irritable and had to stop. Currently I’m taking 20 mg of escipalotram and 2mg of Abilify with marked improvements since adding the Abilify.


I was on Cymbalta for 3 years, the generic brand and it worked for me. The pharmacy I get my med from toyed a new pharmacy company that also made a generic brand of Cymbalta. Well it did not work for me. I became very depress. So my doctor put me on a new med called fetmine. It made me sick. I had a lot of bad adverse reaction. So he stopped it. I am no longer on it. Just waiting for my diastolic blood pressure go down before he start me on something else.


I have taken duloxitine 120 mg. daily for over 6 months now and my mood has improved greatly. I never took anything but generic. My capsule is navy blue and army green. Please note that different dosages of the same medication will be a different color. I have been on every anti–depressant in the book (except the newest drugs, and the MAOI’s?) and I have responded to some but they didn’t last. I actually feel almost normal again on this. I have constipation which has worsened since I’m on duloxitine but I also have IBS so that may be why. Just as a side note, my physician is very good with combining drugs to get an added effect. I’m also on Wellbutrin 200mg in AM and in early afternoon.


I am also on well ration 450mg once a day. I hope this new medication help me. I will post the name when my Doctor tell me which one he is going to prescribe for me to try. Thanks

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