is the orthopedic pediatric practice good at Mayo Florida?

Posted by treo @treo, Jan 10 6:42am

My 11 year old has a meniscus tear from sport. Doctors have suggested a surgery to suture the tear and I am looking for a second opinion from an established practice. Jacksonville is a 5 hour trek for me and hence wondering if the doctors and facility is that good for me to make the trip. thank you!

Hello @treo, Welcome to Connect. I'm sorry to hear of the injury to your child. I know it can be scary thing for both the child and parents when a serious injury occurs. I am a Mayo Clinic Rochester patient and have an obvious bias for Mayo Clinic but I can honestly say that I wished I would have had a Mayo Clinic near me when I had a knee injury in the 70s when I lived in South Dakota. I have had a knee replacement and recently had a consult with a Mayo Rochester ortho PA on the sports medicine side to help me with hip pain. Their care is second to none. While we wait for others to share their experience here is the Mayo website for Sports Medicine –

How is your 11 year old handling the injury, are they OK?

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