Is the ear at risk after hearing loss?

Posted by aviorrok @aviorrok, Apr 22, 2021

I have hearing loss in my left ear 3Khz -30db is my ear now more risky after the hearing loss?

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Can you explain what you mean? Are you asking if, after a partial hearing loss you are more likely to suffer more hearing loss?


Is your hearing loss genetic? Was it caused by noise? Some of us have a genetic tendency towards hearing loss even though it may not have been diagnosed yet. Once hearing loss starts it doesn't go backwards or go away. It usually get worse over time regardless of the cause. So, I would have to say 'yes', once it starts it tends to be progressive. Play it smart. Protect your hearing with ear plugs when in noisy settings, or avoid them if you can. Prevention is important.


Think about it. Noise can cause up to 1/2 of hearing loss. Drugs (OTC & Rx) can cause up to another 1/3. Just by paying attention to these facts, we can protect and save so much hearing in ourselves and others – Pass the word! Protect Tomorrow's Hearing Today!


So true Cheryl…. but people still go to loud concerts, men/women still work with loud power tools with no hearing protection; doctdors and pharmacists still prescribe meds that can affect hearing – without warning patients. Even my dog is on antibiotic vet never said anything and I read that can cause deafness in dogs!! My adult daughters have cell phones to their ears all day re job or those earbuds – which are miniature speakers – and one already has tinnitus like me! Warnings to the public about all this are few and far between and the government and companies and medical should step up to the plate and start issuing more warnings but, of course, its not "cost-effective" for them!!! I tried warning my daughter/s but who listens to their mother? So its up to other agencies to get people to "listen" to what they have to say, before it's too late and they cannot listen to anything!!! J.


@aviorrok, members offered great responses to your question of Are you at risk for further hearing loss once hearing loss is detected?

Was this the question you were seeking an answer to?

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