Is the antibiotics working? Chlamydia…

Posted by ineedhelp @ineedhelp, Feb 24 10:37am

I have started a weeks worth of doxycycline as I tested positive for chlamydia, I’ve had no symptoms and I’m almost at the end of my treatment. I have only just got a symptom (vaginal discharge, mucus yellow) 2 days towards the end of treatment. Does that mean the treatment isn’t working? Or is it my body getting rid of the infection and the antibiotics working? I don’t wanna go through the whole process of getting tablets again but will if I have to.

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It’s kind of hard to say because discharge could come from multiple things—it could be a normal part of your cycle or a yeast infection (which can be a side effect of taking an antibiotic), but it sounds like you don’t have and other symptoms. Usually it would clear after the course of antibiotics, but the timing can vary.

If it doesn’t seem like it’s a regular part of your cycle, is there a way you can contact your doctor or a doctor at the clinic that prescribed the meds to ask? After a certain number of weeks, you’d also want to re-test to be sure it’s gone for sure.


Had zero other symptoms, I don’t smell or itch it’s just slime like discharge and that’s it… I know you can get that with chlamydia


I was treated for chlamydia about three weeks ago and I expected to get a yeast infection because I’m prone to them especially if I have had to take any antibiotics so I thought that’s what I had but for the last two days I’ve had blood in my urine and I just peed out a small ish blood clot. Is this normal? I plan to get retested as soon as possible

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