Is love words are a burden for a depressed isolated person

Posted by nermo64 @nermo64, Sep 24 6:50am

Should I tell my depressed isolated boyfriend that I 've strong feelings for him and that he have to let me be his friend lover and companion on the way of treatment or it would be an obligation that he will not be able to handle and a burden

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In the midst of his depression, he may not know exactly how he feels, except that he appreciates your friendship, and it could become another weight on his shoulders if he has been given an expectation to reply at this time. In my opinion [as a person fighting major depession], and if you can, just love him and be patient with him, for now. But, you can't give ALL, without the expectation of something in return, for the remainder of your relationship. I am afraid that this is a decision that only you can make. My heart goes out to you.


@nermo64 I would just be there for him in a loving manner. Eventually he may realize how important you are to him. That realization is what needs to happen.
You certainly have no control over him. Even though you love him, you can’t control or change him. In the end, it may be you that ends up with a broken heart 💔. I’m sorry to say.
I’ve been through a similar situation, and I realized it was my mental health that was being affected. I removed myself, and am glad I did.



@nermo64 If your depressed friend is going through a rough patch, he/she is not in a place to hear such words and could be frightening and possibly pull away into more isolation. Depression is tricky and most challenging for both those trying to live with it and challenging for those who care about them. I speak from the one having to live it with it. 🙏🏼

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