Is It Stress?

Posted by Ryman @ryman, Aug 20, 2019

Hello. I have a lot of health issues, so I have posted in different areas. I feel very much on the edge lately. I don’t know if I am really losing my mind or if it is the effects of a lot of stress. Thanks.

Good morning, @ryman. I hope today is a better day for you. You mentioned that you have a lot of health issues. Trying to juggle medications, doctors' appointments, and concessions in life-style due to health issues, can be daunting. Then there are the stages of living with them, trying to make it all work out. Definitely these can all be causes of stress. Would you care to share in a snapshot your current health issues, and what you are doing to alleviate the stress at this time? Are you seeing a counselor, getting enough physical exercise, doing something for yourself everyday? We care here at Mayo, and would like to help you be the best you are.


Hi, @ryman – that seems very astute that you are considering all possible causes of your health issues, including stress.

I believe that @aliali @artscaping @ryannelexisd @captainanxiety8 @pjss48 may have some insights about experiencing lots of stress and the connection to other health problems.

Have you had a lot of stressors in your life lately, ryman? Are there particular health issues you are wondering about being related to stress?

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