Is it safe? Future kidney donor & working essential service

Posted by robinjoyw @robinjoyw, Mar 30, 2020

I live with my son and I am donating my kidney - part of the kidney paired partner exchange program.
He is currently on dyalias at home.
I work for an essential business that is remaining open in Scottsdale.
Is it safe for me to continue to work?

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Welcome. How amazing that you are gifting a kidney to your son. What a great mom!!!

On Mayo Connect we are patients just like you and your son so we can share our thoughts but we are not qualified to give medical advice.

I received a kidney from a co-worker/friend of mine. While I was being tested for transplant and my potential donors were being tested it was very important that our immune systems and blood types matched well. Because COVID-19 is so new I don't think there is data on how it will affect the matching process.

My husband and I are both considered essential workers, I can work from home but my husband needs to go into the office some days. My husband was able to talk to his HR team and explain that I am immune compromised (because of my transplant meds) and therefore he needed special accommodations at work to be sure he would not bring COVID-19 home to me. His company sterilized a conference room and put up "do not enter" signs so he can work in isolation. Perhaps you can explain your situation to your employer and they can help find a solution to keep you as safe as possible.

When will your son have his transplant? Was he on home dialysis before the outbreak or did he go to a center.



@robinjoyw, I am retired, and able to stay at home. However, as a transplant recipient, I am very concerned for your safety. I am thinking about you and your son. Later on, I hope you will share an update about the kidney exvhange.
What has been decided about your safety in your working environment? How are you staying safe?

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