Is is safe & smart to visit Mayo Clinic during this time?

Posted by jonesfamily @jonesfamily, Apr 24, 2020

I live in Colorado and have plans to come to Mayo in MN on May 17th for an appt on the 18th and staying a week. I am concerned about Covid and flying and becoming sick there or having my companion get sick as well. I worry if I reschedule my appointment I will have to wait another 3 months. What would you all suggest? Thanks!!

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@jonesfamily, Hi and Welcome to Mayo Connect. I share your concern about travel and appointments because I have a scheduled appointment in Rochester in mid June.
I would like to share this link where you will be able read the current situation at Mayo. After reading this, I am more concerned about my travel to-from Mayo, than I am about being at Mayo for my appointment. You can access the information for each of the Mayo locations, which is helpful as each area is following state and local guidelines for re-opening services.
It is always okay to call Mayo, too. I am interested to learn what you find out about your friends appointment.

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