Is High Dose Melatonin the Silver Bullet for Covid?

Posted by erbreport @erbreport, Mar 10 1:27pm

In December a group of international physicians did a Symposeum discussing how much success they have had treating Covid with High Dose Melatonin. Several studies are currently being done and will be published in the coming months. Does anyone here have more information or experience with Melatonin and Covid?

Hello, and welcome to Mayo Connect. I have been interested in this as well, so I decided today I would go searching for new information.

From a November 2020 publication by NIH "Melatonin is not viricidal but it has indirect anti-viral actions [3] due to its anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation and immune enhancing features [[21], [22], [23], [24]]. There are situations in which melatonin suppresses the features of viral infections." There followed a lengthy discussion of these properties, with the conclusion that, as a safe supplement, melatonin should be tried as an "adjuvant" (additional) treatment. (Find the article here: )

As far as I can determine, there was a great deal of chatter about this in November of 2020, including whether it could actually prevent infection, but all evidence is anecdotal, not based on any unbiased study. Then along came the vaccines, and no more seems to have been published. I do hope the study is ongoing, and conclusions will be forthcoming, because there is a segment of the population who will not be vaccinated for any number of reasons, but they may be willing to take melatonin, either as a preventative, or as a treatment to limit severe infection.

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