Is anyone using Dupixent for asthma/allergy treatment?

Posted by rita @ritabtripp, May 23 1:16pm

I have asthma, allergies, hypothyroidism and some skin issues. My allergist is recommending I take the biologic Dupixent. Specifically I think she is getting it approved becasue of my nasal polyps and prior sinus surgeries. She says there are virtually no side effects or downsides. Has anyone had experience with this drug? I would appreciate any input anyone has. Thanks!

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Dupixent has done a great job. Try it.


How long have you been in it? Any side effects? Thanks!


I have been using Dupixent for over a year to treat eczema and asthma. It's been working for both conditions. I haven't had to use my inhaler much at all. I had no side effects. It's definitely worth trying. Good luck!

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