Is Alzheimer's type 3 diabetes

Posted by airey2 @airey2, Feb 21 10:05pm

Father passed from Alzheimer's in 2016. Now hearing it is type 3 diabetes. How is that determined? His blood sugar was always normal, but he did love sweets all his life.
Now my aunt also loves sweets and is showing cognitive decline but not dementia. Can we prevent it from turning into dementia?
Also every man on my Father's side had some kind of dementia. He and a brother had Alzheimer's, while another brother had PTSD. His father (my grandfather) I never knew but he passes because he could not remember his medicine and ended up taking too much. That sounds like Alzheimer's too me. So obviously it is inherited but seems to be the men. Does that mean girls won't get it( be a carrier, but not get it)? Can I prevent it?

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Hello, @airey2 I'm certainly no medical professional but from all I read there is no definitive link between diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease. While some are studying it the causes of Alzheimer's and other dementias are still unknown.

Just my input on this.

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Alzheimer’s and diabetes are not connected.


There is information out there speculating that some forms of dementia are “Type 3” diabetes. I believe the research right now is not considered “mainstream” in that it’s coming from alternate health practitioners. A member of the in-person dementia support group I belong to has a set of books & media outlining a nutritional approach to prevent/slow/reduce risk of dementia. I haven’t studied it yet. There may be some basis to the theory. Today there is a growing understanding of the impact of “inflammation” on the human body. Some foods can contribute to inflammation. Even conventional/mainstream medical practitioners are strong advocates of eating a healthy, balanced diet that is low in sugar, unhealthy fats, etc. Any sensible changes to our diets can contribute to better all-around health so those proponents of Type 3 diabetes could be onto something that’s been overlooked so far.

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