Daughter has Iron Deficiency Anemia and now diagnosed with COVID

Posted by plp970 @plp970, Sep 20, 2021

My 40 year old daughter has Iron Deficiency Anemia and has just been diagnosed with COVID. She is extremely weak,congested, and running low grade fever. She does has infusions from time to time to improve her energy levels. Should she see a doctor since she has this pre existing condition or even be in a hospital. What I’m reading doesn’t look good for people with her condition. Don’t want to wait until it’s too late for her to get medical intervention.

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Hello @pip970 Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Members of Connect are people just like you who come to the forum in search of answers, to offer advice or find support. Together we share our stories and life experiences to help each other, though we can’t diagnose medical issues or treatments.

Boy, Covid sure impacts our lives, doesn’t it? I’m so sorry your daughter now has the virus, which adds another level of concern for you. Given that she has been diagnosed and treated for anemia it would be in her best interest to at least call her doctor and discuss the situation with her PCP or nurse practitioner. They may want to see her to make sure she’s not developing pneumonia or other complications.
Having anemia can significantly compromise the immune system which can make it more difficult for your daughter to fight the virus on her own. She’s already extremely weak, running a low-grade fever and having congestion. If this were my daughter I’d not hesitate to call. If for nothing else, it will give you peace of mind!

Has your daughter been vaccinated against Covid-19?


As I've mentioned earlier, I got my first Moderna vaccination and within days my blood pressure (ordinarily high) dropped to dangerously low readings and I was extremely weak. I subsequently tested positive for Covid and received the Regeneron infusion. Not long after, my hair texture became very brittle and began breaking off 1-2" from my scalp. For that reason I had my iron levels checked. Iron and ferritin were low—which may have contributed to the weakness as well as hair issue. It's difficult to know what caused these issues, which I didn't have before, but they undoubtedly came from either the virus or the vaccine. And there's lots of anecdotal evidence out there pointing in the direction of the vaccine itself as the culprit. Either way, it should be addressed.

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