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Intermittent Explosive Disorder

Posted by @dragonlady10184 in Mental Health, Jan 26, 2012

Hello, I just read up on this disorder and feel like I know what is wrong with me!

I just want to know if anyone else feels like they experience the symptoms of this disorder and what kind of treatment has worked or been unsuccessful.

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Posted by @roxie43, Mar 14, 2012

I don't have this disorder but one of the best forms of treatment can be a combination of medication's and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - talk therapy that has been proven to empower individuals to work on regulating emotions and some people keep a journal which can be an excellent form of tracking thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
CBT can be a long term form of therapy 18 sessions or more depending on individual needs.
However, make sure you're diagnosed by a trained professional because its not good to self diagnose.

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