Insulin; what’s to fear ?

Posted by jdiakiw @jdiakiw, Nov 15, 2020

I get a sense from some posts that one should avoid insulin at all costs. If 10 units in a painless stomach injection keeps you in a steady rate and excellent ‘time on target ‘ what is the risk? I’m in the target zone 80% of time and it’s recommended to achieve over 65%. I get a small peak after a meal and I never go above 10 mml/l., after a hearty meal . With my freestyle monitor I can see exactly how an apple affects my blood sugar or how a brisk 30 minute walk affects it. Should I expect something ominous because I am taking 10 units of insulin? My dr has some patients he started on 20-40 units daily.

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I don't understand the concern. If my A1C were 6.0 and the doctor lowered my medications, I would think that is because you don't need as much medication anymore and are doing well. Hypo problems can be solved by eating balanced meals at regular intervals and avoiding stress. The higher dosage of meds could be causing low blood sugar. Some meds are advertised to be cautious of low blood sugar. But I have not taken any of those meds, so I have no experience about that. Those of us who don't need meds are not anxious to start on some of the advertised products out there because we are successful with diet and exercise alone. Losing weight is usually very helpful. I started with no meds, then two , then the Endocrinologist recommend two Metformin at night, and I have successfully decreased to one Metformin at night. If I lost some weight, I would have lower AIC, I believe. Dorisena

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