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insomnia frustration

Posted by @jacobrowley in Healthy Living, Jan 26, 2012

I have had insomnia for about 1.5 months....sleeping very little. 1-2 hrs a night. It is torture. Am on Zoloft for about 1.8 months. I want to stop taking it. Always have taken a sleep pill, now I want to pratice CBT and try to correct my sleeping problem, but I have this fear that I am going to die from the large lack of sleep....or go crazy. Right now I am at work and sleeping is all I think about, becuase I am not getting much! Any suggestions.

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Posted by @kakan, Feb 1, 2012

I know how you feel because I bearly gave them enough sleep to monitor in my sleep study. If you have not had one of these done I would do that first. I have been on something to sleep for years and now my Mayo doc is taking me down slowly off of both meds. I have to retrain myself to go to sleep and it is NOT easy. It is so frustrating for everyone else to be sleeping in the house and you are reading or writing or watching tv and next thing ya know the sun is rising. Hope you get some relief.

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