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Input Please - Pituitary / Blood test. Disagree with primary Dr. over need for further testing.

Posted by @comojeff866, Nov 19, 2012

First let me say what I am not looking for: Diagnosis or Advice on my primary Dr. I respect him or he would not be my doctor but we do disagree.

I AM looking for input on blood test results and if further testing is needed. I try and take medical information on the net with a grain of salt but sometimes when all of the information applies I pay attention. I have 10+ symptoms that suggest something is up with my pituitary. My doctor views them as unique unrelated things. My standard annual physical blood work came back normal. I read that LH, FSH, TSH, Testosterone and Prolactin should be checked via basal test. I requested this and they ordered the test.

The results came in and he asked what I expected to see. I told him I hoped it was all just normal but I feared some low and some normal. Well my fears were what we have. I have very low (LH, FSH, Testosterone) and normal (TSH and Prolactin). Given my symptoms and the blood results more test are recommended. My Dr. disagrees and gave me lame yet plausable explainations.

So the question is, are further test as warranted as what I read in places on the net. Has anyone had the results, had further testing and found problems? Again, I do not give a lot of weight to info on the net except when it all lines up with what I see.

Thanks for your time. I already have an Endo appointment scheduled so I am just looking for additional feedback.


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