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Posted by imallears @imallears, Jun 2, 2019


I have been using this captioned app for several years and would like to know if anyone on this site uses it or if they have tried it and were running into problems. If anyone does, could you tell me your brand Phone also.

I personally have no issues but hear of them from time to time and a member of Saywhat club has the problem that the person on the other end can not hear her. I recommend this app a lot which is why this member downloaded it. After contacting support the problem has still not been resolved.

She will download and try ClearCaptions for the cell phone instead. Does anyone here use that app?

Thanks and regards from hot in FL Mary

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Hi @imallears thank you for sharing your experience with this app!

I wanted to tag @bookysue and @mikepa as they have mentioned using the innocaption app.

Back to you @imallears how often do you use the app? What are your favorite aspects of the app?


Good morning,

Thanks for tagging. I use this app probably as much as any hearing person uses their phone. Most family and friends prefer texting today.

I’ve had this since it was first introduced and my favorite part of the updated version is that when my cell phone number is called it is
automatically forwarded to the assigned Innocaption number . I love that conversations can be saved, the visual voicemail, that all aspects of my regular service are carried over to the app (ex. updating contact list) and that I can choose to have a live operator caption or switch to voice recognition when operators are busy. It’s more accurate than my landline CapTel and rarely has delays.

I’m seeing issues with certain carriers like Sprint or certain brand phones. I recommend this app a lot and have had first hand experience with people who run into problems. I have a Samsung Galaxy 6 or 7 (forgot) and use verizon. I used it out of state years ago with no problem. It seems a lot of the success in using Innocaption depends on the phone’s carrier. That’s just my personal take. I’ve also seen the reviews being downgraded possibly because more people are using it and running into problems.

Regards from FL Mary


Initially I had some problems but reasons beyond me, they abated. My view is that Innocaptions+ is a game changer for many of us. If people are having problems, I found the company to be responsive to requests for assistance.


I agree that sometimes people have trouble hearing with with InnoCaption on my Google 3 cell, but usually it is fine.
Clear Captions is only for an iPhone.

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